Legal Challenges Resolved

Legal Challenges Resolved
Florence Copper Inc. and the Town of Florence, Arizona have successfully resolved the outstanding legal disputes that had arisen between the two parties over the years.

We are pleased that these legal matters are now resolved and behind us.

A lot has happened over this past decade.

We were able build and operate a project test facility and prove the security and reliability of our process.

We invited and hosted tours for thousands of residents, gave presentations in homes and coffee shops, spoke with local civic groups, and welcomed everyone at our open house events.

The Florence Copper Community Foundation has funded local initiatives like the Florence High School scoreboard, Veterans projects, community gardening projects, food banks, and many other initiatives that provided value to Florence.

But perhaps the most meaningful thing to us about these last 10 years has been the enduring optimism and confidence of the residents we’ve met, many of whom will be reading this note.

They asked the tough questions. They put in the time to learn about us and our plans. They came to recognize the value of our work and welcomed and encouraged our investment in the area.

They placed their confidence in us and in our science and engineering. They stood beside us and never wavered, and we will not forget all that they have done.

The full focus of our attention and effort can now be dedicated to the many tasks associated with getting the $230 million commercial operation up and running.

We expect to have more to say in the weeks ahead and when we do you will be among the first to know, as always.

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