Court of Appeals Decides in Favor of Florence Copper

Court of Appeals Decides in Favor of Florence Copper

Court of Appeals Decides in Favor of Florence Copper

On Tuesday, the Arizona Court of Appeals issued a decisive verdict in support of Florence Copper’s right to mine.

The decision by the court was unequivocal:

  • the appellate court rejected every argument made by the lawyers representing the Town of Florence
  • the court upheld Florence Copper’s right to mine its private property within the Town
  • the court confirmed the awarding of $1.7 million in legal fees and costs to Florence Copper

Here is a link to the court decision as well as a media release issued by Taseko – Florence Copper CLICK HERE

The decision ends the multiple legal challenges initiated over many years by previous Town Councils, every one of which has concluded in Florence Copper’s favor.

While defending ourselves against these aggressive lawsuits, we were also busy building and operating a test facility and proving to residents and to state and federal regulators that our project is safe and reliable.

We produced one million pounds of copper. Test facility is a known and proven success. We are on track to securing our one remaining commercial operating permit and – as you will read in our media release – we are taking the necessary steps in preparing for construction and commercial scale operations.

We are justifiably proud of what has been accomplished. And now, with the Town’s legal challenges in the rearview mirror we can focus on what we do best – making copper.

Finally, we wish to thank you for following our updates over these many years of effort and we hope you will continue to do so in the exciting years ahead.

To read the full release, visit:

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